La Maison Rouge is a true homely house.

Built in 1914, this property has maintained its original and typical architectural style. It was built in red brick from which its name originates. Aquired in 1930 by my grandparents, it is packed with fond childhood memories. It has sailed through the last century, retaining its charm and caracter.

Although it has been refurbished to current standards of comfort and interior design, it was done in keeping with it’s original style.

A few years ago, one of the floors was converted into an appartement. Closely followed by a second. Both appartements are completely independent, fully furnished with a well equiped kitchen, very bright and comfortable. Our dearest wish is for you to feel at home and that La Maison Rouge will feel like your home during your stay in Brussels.


Flat 1
Flat 1
Flat 2
Flat 2

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La Maison Rouge - Rue Charles Ramaekers 10 - 1020 Brussels (Laeken) - Belgium
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